About Morissa


My experience with small businesses and the good they do for the environment and community motivated me to start this website with support from the Urban Coast Institute (UCI). My parents are the owners of a small business, The Carpet Maven, and I grew up with the knowledge of the good that a small business can do for a community. From the time I was a week old, I began visiting my parents’ store.


This was Main Street the day after I was born.

I learned how they impacted the community and how other small businesses like them give back. For example, when Hurricane Sandy hit, my parents opened a temporary small location on the coast with discounted prices to aid the flood victims. Small businesses tend to be very community-minded like this, while also being photoenvironmental assets. For this reason, I have always shopped small and encourage others to as well. You don’t often get the personalized service, friendliness, specialty products, or sense of community in a corporate chain store that you do in a small business like Unique or Smileys. And those large stores certainly do not care about the environmental conditions of the community the same way that small businesses do.


Some of my best memories took place on Main Street on days like this.

This is why I started my own publishing company, GenZ Publishing, as a part of the small business model in support of the community. Small business as a means of supporting a greener environment is truly something I believe in. I live in Monmouth County and support the small shops of the Urban Coast often. It would be rewarding to showcase them in a way that shows others how and why they should support these business people and what they stand for.

I may have grown up with small businesses, but most of my peers have not, and they have yet to experience the community and opportunities that come with them. My mission is to enlighten them through this project. By connecting with local businesses, students may also be granted new opportunities, including job and community connections, by making connections with small businesses that they would not have otherwise done. It will also motivate them to be more community-minded. Because locally owned businesses are so personable, students can have real connection with their shop owners and learn from them. You can learn more about me and my mission on my website MorissaSchwartz.com.

This website is thanks to the Urban Coast Institute at Monmouth University.







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