When you drive by Revere Picture Framing on Route 35, the first thing you will notice are some nice big “Shop Small” letters on the side of the shop. It is this attention to shopping small that attracted me to this shop.

I interviewed George, owner of Revere Picture Framing about his store and shopping small. I learned that George has a wonderful personality that keeps his customers coming back and helps to encourage the shopping small community mindset.

 The Beginning of Revere Picture Framing

George has been in business for eleven years. During this time, he has had three locations, including one on Main Street in the Atlantic Highlands.

The shop came from George’s background in graphic design. He had great jobs and even worked for city ad agencies in Los Vegas. When he saw too many people getting fired, he decided to start his own business to take control of his own situation. However, he started his business right when the recession hit. He says he struggled but survived and is proud to say that last year was his best in business.


Around the Corner

George lives right around the corner from his store. He likes mom & pop shops in the community.

“Quaint little shops and service make neighborhood special,” George said. That is why he is sure he gives individualized attention to each customer. He says the word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in his shop. Even if he can’t help, he will find someone who can. That is what makes his, and most mom & pop shops special.

“It’s important to support community, because you spend money with me, and I support other programs in the community.”

While small businesses are environmentally friendly in themselves through their promotion of local production and less carbon emissions from local travel, George does extra for the community. He throws away very little.

Scraps of map board and leftovers from main projects get turned into gifts and giveaways at trade/craft shows as promotions. He uses these instead of business cards. As a plus, people remember his business. Instead of material that would end up in landfills, they are repurposed and enjoyed.


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